Vivek Ravisankar


A big part of the reason why a founder takes a decision in a particular way is the access to different pieces of information she has. this can range from financials to impact on other orgs, people, other feature requests in queue, how doing X be perceived by users, etc.

if you’d like everyone in the company to take the same decision that you’d have taken (if you were in that situation), then it’s only logical that you should provide the same set of information to everyone.

of course, there are going to be things that are extremely sensitive which can’t be shared [1] but the only way you can empower everyone to make a “smart” decision is by being transparent and communicating as much as possible.

two things we’re doing and has been effective is
a. dedicate a 2 hour time slot/week with me for anyone in the company to just drop in and discuss about why we are/aren’t doing a particular thing in a particular way

b. global themed monthly meeting – product, sales, marketing, etc. with the head of that particular org talking about progress, achievements, things to improve, floating for new ideas, etc. this makes sure everyone is in sync with what’s going in the entire company.

would love to hear more thoughts.

** notes:
**[1] the things that are extremely sensitive to be shared publicly are usually not needed to take the decision